Quantitative Evaluations of Courses in Which I Was the Primary Instructor:

 Qualitative Teaching Evaluations


What were the instructor's major strengths?


“Enthusiasm, accessibility, understanding of the language, worksheets, decision to incorporate culture into the curriculum, recommending poets and having shoes with Goethe and Schiller.” (Elementary German 1 – Fall 2010)


“Very organized, effective teaching methods and activities that went above and beyond the required or typical level. Her hard work and preparation outside of the classroom was overtly apparent, in addition to her genuine concern for her students and their success.” (Elementary German 2 – Spring 2011)


“Frau Yanacek is a fabulous foreign language teacher. She was always able to get across what she was saying, and she never used English. She's also super enthusiastic and was constantly generating new and interesting ways for us to interact with the material.” (Intermediate German 1 – Fall 2011)


“She is able to make German very understandable and easy to retain. She is very organized and created a wonderful learning environment, which in turn helped to encourage and promote her students to do their best at all times.” (Intermediate German 2 – Spring 2012)


 “The instructor selected strong texts from a variety of disciplines for our extended translations and tried to cater to individual research interests. She was very flexible to work with for graduate students.” (German Reading II – Summer 2012)


“Extremely knowledgeable--discussions were thought-provoking and greatly helped my understanding of the course material.” (Indo-European Folktales – Spring 2013)


 “Prof. Yanacek was very involved with the class... more so than any other online instructor I've had in the past. She often wrote schedule reminders, tips, and updates via email, which I found extremely helpful. She promptly returns emails. Our assignments were very clearly organized through CourseWeb.” (Indo-European Folktales Web Course - Fall 2013)


“She directed class in a calm, smart way that allowed people to go out of their normal comfort zone with German and push their language skills because the class was always a judgment free area and mistakes were corrected in an informative but kind way.” (Intermediate German 2 – Spring 2014)



*Complete student evaluation sets are available upon request.

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